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Always keep the faith!

& she prays that this year will be a better one, just like what she wants...

Hi! 안녕하세요! I am Amanda. You can call me any of these names: Amanda, Himeko, Adarlice.
What you can find here are lot of daily life entries - which includes sad, happy, excitement, my own fan-encounter to ghost town blog.
When I'm in the mood you will expect more posts from me.
Yes, I'm into kpop! DBSK, SHINee & a few others are my loves.
I ♥ music. I ♥ to twitter. I ♥ to smile. I ♥ Queen.
I hope I'll meet my real ღ soon.

Hope you'll enjoy your stay here! See you! ^^ If you don't like my blog, just don't revisit.

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Monday, September 13, 2010 1:00:00 AM
Sum it all up

Alright I'm gonna join everything up in this post, might be a long post ahead...not sure how long I'll type.

I mention in the earlier post, on the day I went swimming with queen and her bf and queen found my current favourite manga: Ayakashi Koi Emaki Vol2! The story is still as exciting, funny & lovey dovey!

Gonna go swimming again every week I suppose to train and exercise my body. I just love swimming!!

1st News: Heard from Mel that previously Warner Music accidentally reveal on their facebook that JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun,Junsu) maybe(high chance) coming to sg! OMONA!!!! I hope it's true! My hubby Jaejoong is coming~!!! Wheee~~~~!!!Please make it happen!!!

2nd News: Received a massage from Eva just now that our primary school classmate: "Leong Hai" passed away 4 days ago due to Astma attack. A few more days will be his 21st Birthday. =\ I still remember that he used to always disturb and irritates me(I kind of scared and freaked out of him) during primary school and there was once where I didn't know he followed me home(or he also lived there, I not sure, can't remember) then I started running fast home to avoid him and not wanting to let him know where I stay. He chased from behind and at that time the lift is not on the grounded floor so I decided to climb up the stairs all the way up(I lived quite high =.='''). Before that we ran about my block he trying to chase me, I trying to get rid of him and sort of hoping I suddenly "disappear" from his sight and ran home quickly.

Didn't expect him to due at such a young age. So Eva and I ended our msg-chat that "Health is really important!!" & I know it all along because of my dad. Hais, feel kind of sad for him and his parents.

Don't know since when I'm starting to grow my love on "Alice In The Wonderland". I'm attracted to anything related to "Alice In Wonderland" now or maybe all the while.(only did I not notice) Maybe it's after I watched "Pandora Hearts".
Ok, continue this post later in the afternoon, I'm actually blogging while waiting for my anime: Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru to upload & now it's Up, so I'm gonna watch it and then go to bed after watching. ;D (I'll continue finish this post it I'm not tired about watching).

Decided to finish this post after watching. Found some artwork from deviantart.com & I'm loving it!

Cr:Alice by Usato
♥超可爱ぃ!!♥ Right?

Cr:Pandora Hearts by Darkbutterfly137
Pandora Hearts ♥ Alice & Oz

Cr:Vongola In Wonderland by Juu-Yuki
Another of my favourite anime/manga: Hitman Reborn ♥

Alice In WOnderland is so cute!! Talking about cute, there is another anime that I found recently and it's still ongoing for season 2 & it's freaking cute! I just love cute stuff, pink, wonderland, fantasy, magic power, fairy tales, roses, pearl, all those girls stuff. Yes, I'm love with those.

I still got a lot to post. Will post more when I wake up or tomorrow.

Posts I want blog about:
-Jewelpet Tinkle
-2NE1, K-pop stuff

Sweet dream till then. ;D

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12:38:00 AM

I ♥ 비빔밥. It's a healthy dish that come with rice and lots of vegetables, meat, egg and gochujang.(korean chili pepper paste) Basically you can add what you want to this dish. But I don't like it with stone pot, it HOT! throughout the whole eating process.

Had craving on 비빔밥 that night and my wish is granted! ;D

Vegetables, Bean sprouts...

Cucumber, Carrot, MUSHROOM!!!

Meats, Kimchi, Ikan bilis...


Tadan!! ♥비빔밥♥

I can eat this everyday!! ^^

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12:01:00 AM
Comex 2010

I went to the September's Comex 2010 on the last day. Was eying for a Canon printer since the the few mths away IT fair(forget which mth), was waiting and hoping that the price might drop during the Comex fair or come with better free gift.

Unfortunately the free gift value dropped, but compared to the alarm clock that worth over $100(the last IT fair free gift for that printer), the OTO neck massager is more useful although it's worth half the price of the alarm clock. I decided to get it since my printer is old and I'm using my lappy and the old printer cannot plug into my lappy.

There's 2 mode for the speed. Currently in the living room rotating among 3 person to say bye bye to aching muscles.

Model MP568, Photo all-in-one. It can print, scan, copy. I tried all of it, and print out some photos as well to test the quality. Some of the photos look good and some not so perfect, maybe it's because of the size and the alignment and all.

There is Wifi, SD card, Thumbdrive & more ways to print out from this excellent printer. I also bought 2 packs of "Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss", I wanted the gloss photo paper but no more. :( From now onwards, I can print lots of photos at home ;D

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Friday, September 10, 2010 11:52:00 PM
Blogging soon

I promise I'll blog soon! I'll try to blog tomorrow, else it will be within this few days! I'm busying looking for a new skin(Is not that I'm bored/sick of this skin, I've got a habit of changing skin every now and then ;p) & photoshop-ing my pictures to make it look macro clear and trying to make it look like it's taken by an dslr(but the truth is it taken by a digital cam). Will blog a little now, full details in later post.I've got music to accompany me & my animes plus mangas!

Went swimming yesterday with queen & her bf at the newly open cc opp bpp with swimming pool! It's like a dream come true for me because I've been complaining that the nearest swimming complex is at bukit batok from my house and it's very far(my parent reply me with: You're plain lazy! x.x)since years ago. Dinner at bp and went comic connection after that and queen found my Vol 2 for あやかし恋絵巻!!! (Ayakashi Koi Emaki, 妖怪恋绘卷, The Ghost Love Story Picture Scroll)

Love queen to max!!!!!

K, ending post for now! byebye~ ^^ (My arm & inner thigh muscles are aching! *boohoo* TT.TT)

ps: Now I can go swimming as and when I like! wheee~~~^^

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010 10:24:00 PM

Like I said before, I love Manga by Mayu Shinjo. I super super love her work! Because I love her storyline and she always draw the main character so handsome & pretty! That's why I'm so happy to know that she's currently working on her new manga: あやかし恋絵巻 (Ayakashi Koi Emaki, 妖怪恋绘卷, The Ghost Love Story Picture Scroll)

Cr: here

Description: Miko is an apprentice to become a sorceress, but one day, she has to perform exorcism on a super handsome...?!

I've bought the manga, (You can't imagine how happy I was!) and waiting impatiently for Vol2 to release out in sg. I always google about it every once in awhile to see if there is any new stuff out, and I found this website today: Vomic (Listen to the Vomic!!)

Freaking Cool right? Guess what!? I always try to imagine the voices of the character while reading manga but this Vomic is simply too cool lar! So happy & delighted! I want Vol2!! Please release faster!! Some company please make this manga into anime! Even if it's less than 10 episodes, I'll be very thankful if you make it into anime! Please!!

I even saw the jap. ver come with the magazine & vomic! I want, I want!!! fml, at time like this, I wish I'm a jap.
Cr: here
Cr: here

More Videos to draw your interests!
あやかし恋絵巻 1

あやかし恋絵巻 2

あやかし恋絵巻 3

Cr: akiralove2

Depressed at the same time, please let me know where can I get the magazine or vomic in Singapore if you know where to get it. Ty!

Read あやかし恋絵巻 now! Click here

If you want to know more manga created by Mayu Shinjo click on these links:
Wiki:- Mayu Shinjo
Her website:- Mayutan.com

Banner Cr: TTVS -Jocelyn

Gonna enjoy the Vomic again, byebye~ ^^
Love the interactions between Miiko & Kagura (新米巫女・美依子&神楽)

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Saturday, September 04, 2010 8:10:00 PM
Behold, Glam Sight

Another 2 anime collection added to my list, new anime: Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls (Just started today.)

#2 Rental Magica. Currently watching this one.

If you haven't notice, all the new post that I decided to become active again all come with pictures and labels... :)

Seeya in next post ^^

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5:58:00 PM
Happy Birthday SJ, Junnie!

Cr banner: TTVS


Friday, September 03, 2010 2:29:00 PM
Anime, Manga...

Just wanted to share my favourite Anime & Manga list. Some manga are mature, smut, but I won't share those unless you're really interested in them.(Ask them from me) I only can say, I super love manga created by Mayu Shinjo.

I'm going to start on Anime list, most of them are still on-going

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn (My all time fav.)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (My all time fav.)
There are 3 seasons.

Vampire Knight (My all time fav.)
There are 2 seasons.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Yumeiro Patissiere

Strike Witches

There are 2 seasons.

Highschool of Dead

There are 2 seasons.

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru (Betrayal know my name)

Heartcatch Precure

Nuraihyon no Mago

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

I always watch anime from these few site:

Here are a few Manga that I can intro to you, much fewer compare to anime because most of them are Mature Genre with good storyline that I like, if you're really interested in knowing those Mature Genre that I read; ask me.

I've got 2 that are not not in mature genre that I read

1/2 Prince
Chrome Breaker

I always read manga at Mangafox

Enjoy them like I do, Cya in the next post. If you got any anime or managa to intro to me, leave a comment, tag, e-mail me.

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